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Audited crypto token tools for teams. Set up custom vesting. Sell locked tokens. Lock liquidity. Batch airdrop tokens. Supports Ethereum, BNB Chain. Liquidity locks are smart contract-based mechanisms designed to secure and safeguard the funds within a decentralized exchange (DEX) or a. Telegram: Nirvana Academy Twitter: NirvanaDAO Twitter: datArtist. Unicrypt The project works with liquidity pools on Uniswap BSC, ETHEREUM, AVALANCHE, POLYGON. Unicrypt operates by locking up liquidity provider tokens for a stipulated period to prevent rug pulls and scams. Unicrypt allows DeFi projects to lock up a. UNCX Lockers v3 Are Live! Our new liquidity locking platform with UniSwap v3 and PancakeSwap v3 support is now live! We've introduced unique-to-market.

Download What Is Liquidity Locking Explainer Video Uncx Network Unicrypt in mp3 music or mp4 video for free. Developer tokens have been locked for 12 months, then linearly unlocking for further 24 months. Last tokens will be unlocked after 3 years. Liquidity Mining ( Locking — Allows a token developer / liquidity provider to lock their UniSwap V3 NFT position for a predetermined/immutable period of time. Developers are welcome to use our security feature to lock their liquidity provider tokens. The DeFi industry is embracing the concept of locking liquidity. By using this information, investors can decide which liquidity locker to invest. The Unicrypt network has quickly become the top locking protocol in. In simple terms, these services allow you to lock liquidity tokens or LP tokens in a smart contract for a certain period of time. This means that neither their. Please be aware only the univ2 tokens are locked. Not the actual dollar value. This changes as people trade. More liquidity tokens are also minted as people. Unicrypt/Uniswap-V3 LP (UNCX-UNIV3-LP) Token Tracker on Etherscan shows the liquidity once the lock expires. * @param _countryCode the code of the. ➡️ Locked Liquidity screener for every LP (Checking Unicrypt, Pinksale, DxSale, dubinin-web.rue) ➡️ Liquidity Pool section on coin profile is now displaying. dubinin-web.ruk/api/v1. One min cron. Thu 21 Mar Try our new locker UI! dubinin-web.ruk. Pancakeswap V2. TOKENS. LOCK LIQUIDITY. Unicrypt Network // This contract locks uniswap v2 liquidity tokens. Used to give investors peace of mind a token team has locked liquidity // and that.

Lock your Liquidity instantly and affordably. Research any BSC token and get investment potential. This means lock amounts may change due to decimal rounding, but you will always retain your share of the pool. Do not lock Liquidity tokens here, they will. SPDX-License-Identifier: UNLICENSED // This contract locks uniswap v2 liquidity tokens. Used to give investors peace of mind a token team has locked. Uniswap - liquidity LOCKED for 3 month. Token erc https://etherscan. io/token/0xd03B6ae96CaE26bADceE7Cbe60 ac Lock unicrypt https://www. 1. Visit the Unicrypt App and choose Liquidity Locker On your browser, visit dubinin-web.ruk. On the top right corner of the homepage, click LAUNCH APP to go. ***Please note: Keep an eye out for a short time-lock on the liquidity. Sometimes scammers will "lock up" the tokens for only a couple days, then when the. Liquidity Locking is a widely used practice in IDOs on DEX's like Uniswap where developers can use a separate application such as Unicrypt to lock their. The Unicrypt Liquidity Locking Service. Unicrypt provides options that allow developers to lock a certain amount of liquidity on Uniswap and other automated. Notify new liquidity locks on Ethereum network. Supported 2 sources: TrustSwap and Unicrypt. dubinin-web.ru HIGH-RISK! DYOR.

New Unicrypt Liquidity Lock Token Address: 0xF0C2e9afdc57AbCeaD1eD8dDDCAfec. Token Name: Jedi Token Amount LP Locked: Liquidity locking involves storing liquidity provider (LP) tokens in smart contracts for a pre-determined amount of time (locking/unlocking date). Pull locked liquidity regardless of LP token lock on trusted services like PinkSale and Unicrypt. Win investor trust and ensure % liquidity removal with. We just locked all our liquidity for 1 year on UniCrypt. This means that it can't be removed anymore which enables a stable LIQ price. In order to provide some trust to new investors, the developers lock the liquidity in a smart contract (Unicrypt is the most popular DEX LP lock).

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